Sunday, February 10, 2013

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   G’day to you!  Me again, popping in to say hello.  See, I knew it was no good saying when I’d be back.  I’ve had a terrible streak of writers block.  For that matter, I’ve had a terrible streak of thinkers block.  Ever have that problem?  No?  Oh.  Well, in that case, I can only tell you that it is quite uncomfortable.  The brain gets annoyingly mushy feeling.  Unfortunately, if there is a cure, a person with thinkers block will never find it.  They can’t think well enough to find it.  But anyhow, I digress. I think.  Hmmm...

   So, I follow this lovely little blog called “Experimental Wifery.”  Love it.  All sorts of good thoughts and advice, even if you aren’t married.  And really, I feel that one should gather as much information on marriage and raising children as one can before the fact, because afterwords there will likely be no time for such things.  Hmmm, perhaps I should say, when people ask me what I do, that I am a private chef while studying for my MRS degree.  Teehee.  Yup, I did just change that on my blogger profile.   

   Ah yes.  I was talking about Experimental Wifery.  Great blog.  And she is doing this thing called “12 Months to a Better Woman.”  Each month focuses on something different.  Last month was self care.  That was lots of fun, especially when I got my new eyeshadow.  I am probably the only girl on the planet who ordered eyeshadow to get the trial-size mascara that came with it. But what can I say?  It’s just that good. This month, the topic is “self-reflection.”  Now THAT is a challenge.  But a good one.  I know I for one don’t make self reflection a habit.  Self-DEflection, maybe. I spend lots of time AVOIDING myself.  So here I am, reflecting upon myself.  do-di-do-da-do.  Hmmm.   I think I need a mirror....never mind.  I look terrible.  I’ve been sick for over a week, I have an excuse to look terrible.  But really, a mirror probably won’t show me much.  A mirror can only show what the world sees, not who I really am.  But it is important that we are “ourselves” sometimes.  And even more important that we take are really good look, inside and out, at who we are, and who we are becoming.

   Enter Lent.  I love lent.  It’s my training camp.  It’s my yearly opportunity to push myself a little harder, with that feeling of (stronger) outside accountability. It’s climbing the mountain.  It’s diving into the deep end. It’s....well, you get the idea.  Lent is the PERFECT time for self-reflection.  It’s a great time to look at our weaknesses and work on them, and pray for help overcoming them.  So I am really glad that these two challenges overlap each other this year.  And now I’d like to challenge you.  When finalizing your lenten sacrifices this year, take a moment for self-reflection.  Are the things you are doing and giving up chosen because they address something you are struggling with?  Or are you just doing them because that’s what you’ve always done?

God Bless!

There is a lot of wisdom in fasting.  It can generally strengthen any virtue, and weaken the hold of many a sin.  Nothing like telling the flesh who’s boss, dontcha know. 

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