Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Minnesota, Vote Yes!

Vote Yes
To Protect Marriage
None of us would want to be told we don’t
 have the right to a mother and a father.

The state doesn’t issue a license for friendships or dating.  The state doesn’t require us to file with a justice of the peace to share an apartment.... Why regulate marriage?  

Because the state has an interest in protecting the future generations of citizens.  

Children do best when raised in a family with both a Mom and a Dad. Men and women think differently, and love differently; and these differences provide something unique and necessary for the development of the whole child.  We recognize marriage as a civil institution between a man and woman, not because of the love, commitment, and responsibility of the adult spouses, but because of the love, commitment, and responsibility our children need.  Marriage is a child-centered institution.  

 Marriage isn’t a freedom; it’s a constraint, to protect the rights of children to be raised with a mother and a father, the ideal environment. 

Vote Yes on the Marriage Amendment.  A non-vote is a No vote.

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