Monday, June 11, 2012

Back again

*Kerchew!* Excuse me. My, isn’t it dusty around here!  I suppose that’s what happens when you neglect your blog for four months, eh? Sometimes real life is just too interesting to spend time at a computer.  But I think I have been neglecting my writing a little more than I ought for far too long.  I like to write.  In fact, I love to write.  Sometimes I even have something worth reading.  So as long as I have this nice little blog here, I ought to use it, right?  Make it worth the rent? ;) 
Ah, but what to write about, that is the question.  I could post my recipe for my strawberry-rhubarb pie, but if I recall correctly it is being held for ransom to the tune of 15 followers.  Poor pie!  I could do some more book reviews, too.  I have read some very good books lately.  And at least one that wasn’t bad, but wasn’t really great, either.  Too bad, because it definitely had potential for greatness. 
There are some deeper subjects I’d like to delve into, as well.  Subjects like suffering, joy, being yourself, selfishness and selflessness, and faith.  Every once in awhile I come across (or come up with) a profound thought.  Profound thoughts ought not be kept to oneself, I think.  They ought to be shared, like chocolate chip cookies.  No, I can never be totally serious.  Perhaps I ought to work harder on that.  Perhaps I ought to realize that heaven doesn’t belong on earth.  Oh wait, it does.  Perhaps that is why I can never be serious.  Because nothing on this earth is quite what it seems.  There is always a little more there - a little Heaven, because of a little angel.  Besides that, I wouldn’t be surprised if the devil was afraid of holy laughter.  
And so ends today’s ramble.  God willing, it won’t be the last.  
I get my wisdom teeth pulled on Wednesday.  I am not looking forward to it, at all.  I don’t have much wisdom to spare.  Fortunately, I have a list of people I will offer it all up for.  Please pray for me, and for them.  Thank you.  

Yes, I am aware that I used the word "ought" six times in this post.  Make that seven :).

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