Monday, February 6, 2012

Nine Month Novena

I just received this message from a facebook friend.  Please join us in prayer!

God Bless,

With my friends we are planning to begin a nine month novena for the upcoming election, and we'd like for as many faithful Catholics as possible to join us. Nine months is long, right? But, the prayer is not long and it's easy to say. This election is vital! Please join us in beginning this novena tomorrow, Feb. 6th, and praying it through election day, Nov. 6th."

Prayer:O Virgin of Guadalupe,Your appearance in Mexico changed the course of history. Human sacrifice ceased and millions were converted to Jesus Christ. Pray for our nation now. Guide our elections through your gracious intercession. Change hearts and minds to uphold the dignity of all human life. Stem the tide of moral degeneration and defend the sanctity of marriage. Protect our nation from terrorism, war and natural disaster. May goodness triumph over evil. May candidates committed to God's truth be elected and re-electedAnd may our nation prosper, through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

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