Sunday, December 4, 2011

Feast of St. Barbara

It is once again the feast of St. Barbara! And we have lots of sparkling, fluffy snow again this year!  Go back and read last year's post here. If you forgot to pick your branches (like we ALMOST did,) I would go ahead and pick them tomorrow - it is so neat having them blooming for Christmas.
Some of you may be wondering...what ever happened with our branches last year?  Well, my two younger sisters and I all went out and picked cherry, apple, plum, and lilac branches.  One sister's cherry branches bloomed right away - within a couple of weeks.  Another didn't bloom until closer to New Years.  The last sister's DID bloom on Christmas Eve day.  None, however, are married or engaged, so only St. Barbara knows what it all means.... :)  Besides, aren't there still a few days left of the year? ;)  Regardless, we were happy to be blessed with beautiful blossoms for Christmas, and hope it goes as well this year.  Oh, and the lilacs were the only ones that really didn't work, although I have heard that people have been able to force them, too.

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