Friday, June 17, 2011

Fwd: New Schedule?

Did I catch you in time? Blast. I really did intend to post yesterday. I thought maybe if I got up early enough this morning, it wouldn't matter.  Things have just been crazy this week. Sunday is my baby brother's First Communion, so we've been cleaning and cooking.
Last night was the first night of the junior youth group. I gave the talk on the Communion of Saints and spiritual warfare. Nobody fell asleep! The kids were between 6th and 8th grade, and asked lots of great questions.  
I think I'm going to change my day to blog, maybe to Sunday or Monday. Thursday's are going to be crazy, at least for the next couple months. I want to add one more day a week, too, for a recipe. Any preference on days or topics?

Have a great weekend and a great Father's Day!

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  1. Sorry about the whole "Forward" thing. I posted this from my iPod via email, and got the address wrong the first time. Why email programs don't have an "edit and resend" button, I have no idea... :)