Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter!  Ok, I know I didn't get my Triduum thoughts posted.  I was too busy cooking and cleaning and trying really hard to not forget about school (or maybe TO forget about school.)  I did get some photos of the Easter Vigil, though!  But I can't get them on the computer tonight.  So this is a quick, dull post.  I have two weeks left of school.  After that, I hope and pray I will do better!

Here are a few topics I hope to cover SOON:
The Easter Triduum (I have pictures, and I want to have notes for next year!)
Easter Eggs
My baked ham recipe ('cause it was really yummy and I promises MaryFrances)
Vanilla Custard Ice Cream (made in our new Cuisinart ice cream freezer)
Our new camera (which I really, really love)
Our Lamb Cake (so sweet!)
Graduation (Almost there!!!!)

And probably a few other random topics.  If anyone wants me to ramble about something, feel free to comment!  I make no guarantees, of course, but I'll try to write something worth reading.
Have a great Easter Week!!!

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